June 1, 2010

wp-admin > Appearance > Bombax Theme Options > Layout > Column Layout

You can choose among six available sidebar layout. All sidebars are easily customized, means you can set the width of the sidebars.

1. No Sidebar

Some of you maybe not wanting any sidebar. Because no sidebar means better to be viewed in small screen, namely Phone Cell. You can still use widgets in the footer area.

2.  Sidebar 1 (Right)

This one is very common among bloggers. One right sidebar.

3. Sidebar 2 (2 Right sidebars)

This one is preferred by bloggers, because there are two sidebars. But lots of themes not meet the preference. Bombax stands out from the crowd. Lots of features including this two sidebars.

4. Sidebar 3 (Left)

Does the same as Sidebar 1 but the position is left.

5. Sidebar 4 (2 Left sidebars)

Does the same as Sidebar 3 but the position is left.

6. Right and Left Sidebar or Holy Grail

There are one left sidebar and one right  sidebar. The left sidebar is sidebar #1 and right sidebar is sidebar #2.

In Bombax (and other themes by itx) every sidebars actually come after the body. Even tough the left sidebar is displayed in the left of the body, the source code are come after the body. This feature is very good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enthusiast who wants to have left sidebar.

We employ some CSS tricks to make the left sidebar displayed in the left, although actually they come after the main body.


  • Hugo says:

    Hello ! and thank you for that great WP theme !!! Bombax is very smart !!

    Here some problemes i have found :

    1 – I try to make the theme transparent, like glass, it would be easy if i could just apply some transparency on png’s images, but i can’t find the images …. How do i do ???

    2 – I also try to apply the glass effect on the sidebars, but i don’t understand since there is no usual CSS … ?

    3 – How do i center the elements that are in the post entry ?

    Please, consider that suggestion: It may be very smart to give Bombax users, a little CSS exemples to use with the “Custom CSS”, so every body can manage the theme in function to is wishes, without to annoying you ;p

    Take care


  • e-deshi says:

    As Hugo requested I also would like to request you to put some example about how to input the custom CSS in the CUSTOM CSS area.
    Actually I like this theme and want to use it but I need to do some customization of the font size of the main content and sidebar.
    Thanks for your kind support.

  • stefanos says:

    hi, any help to make nosidebar for specific posts only?

  • krissi says:

    many thanks for you super theme. It needs less time for much functions.

    But is it right: I dont need a child-theme for customizing css? Is it right, in all updates of your theme my custom css will not be lost. It will stay and goes up with each new update?
    I want to build an only 30 paged oriented homepage, without comments, posts, widgets. Also need help for to write custom css: font-size of main content, sidebar and rounded borders for menue, content etc.
    Please show us an example to do.
    I miss a greater developer-css for bombax. Is it possible I have overseen some?
    I would be happy for help soon. Thanks!


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